PLR: Your Shortcut to Publishing Exceptional Content

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You don’t want to spend hours and hours writing high-quality content for your website, but you know that without valuable, engaging content, your online success is unlikely.

Yes, when you provide solutions to problems that your visitors have, they’ll come back to you over and over.

The answer to your problem is PLR or private label rights material – content that can be a life saver for you. You purchase PLR, have the right to publish it, and claim it as your own. That’s perfect, isn’t it?

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Yes – it’s wonderful. But you may already be wondering whether your competitors might buy the same PLR as you. You don’t want your site to be a duplicate of your competitors’ websites.

Don’t worry. That problem is easy to solve. Below are some guidelines that will show you how to save valuable time and help you to turn the PLR content you purchase into unique content that your visitors will love.

First – Choose High Quality PLR

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As you look around the online space, you will find lots of low quality PLR. Take some time to find top quality PLR. You’ll save time in the end because if you buy poorly written PLR with lots of grammatical errors and typos, you’ll end up wasting time editing it.

You also need to consider whether old PLR is just as valuable as new PLR. Is your niche evergreen? In other words, is your niche one where the tips and information for the niche don’t change much over time? If your answer is yes, then you don't need the latest PLR.

But most likely, you’d prefer to have up-to-date PLR so that any content you publish doesn’t give out-of-date information. That way is safer, isn't it?

As mentioned in Exceptional PLR – Where Is It?, you should do your best to choose PLR that is both high quality and up to date. Without examining the actual text of the PLR you buy, you’ll need to find a way to evaluate whether the PLR you’ve found online is likely to be worth the price. Just remember to do the following.

  • Do a Google search on the PLR site’s name or author to find reviews from previous buyers. Doing this is worth your time because you can avoid buying some obviously bad PLR.
  • Make a small purchase before buying a lot from a particular site. You may not be able to buy a single article because PLR is generally sold in packs that contain several articles. Look for one of the less expensive packs to read and evaluate. If you’re satisfied, you can be confident about buying larger packs from that site since the quality is likely to be similar across all articles.
PLR Inspiration

Next – Personalize the PLR

You’ll probably want to do some rewriting so that visitors to your site don’t think the content seems familiar. But keep in mind, rewriting text is far easier than starting from scratch.

At first, personalizing the PLR articles you buy might take you more time than you like. But you’ll soon learn how to do this more quickly.

You don’t need to rewrite the complete article. Change the headline substantially. Then, spend some time re-doing the text, using the tips below to help.

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  • Adding your opinion in several places will make the article more personal.
  • When possible, expand key ideas by giving examples.
  • PLR often comes as large blocks of text. Break it up by adding sub-headings in various spots.
  • To break it up even more, use bullet points to call out several ideas in a paragraph.
  • Do some research on your favorite search engine to find supplemental data to add to the article.
  • Find some quotes that fit the content and insert them in boxes in between paragraphs.
  • Another way to break up the text is to add images or YouTube videos.

By the time you finish, you will have implanted your own style and voice on the article. You’ll have fresh, engaging text for your visitors, and you will have done it faster than you might imagine.

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