Exceptional PLR – Where Is It?

PLR Inspiration
PLR Inspiration

Just Google your topic and you will likely find tons of PLR content to use. But will it be exceptional? Or will it be full of grammatical mistakes and typos?

It might even be so poorly written that you can hardly follow the ideas from one paragraph to another. And horror of all horrors, the article might even have incorrect information.

So Don’t Use PLR – Right?

Hold on! Exceptional PLR exists – you just have to weed out all the garbage to find the gems that are out there. Once you’ve found some high-quality PLR, you’ll have some great content for your website.

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Does That Mean I Have to Buy Tons of Garbage to Find Those Gems?

As you search for great PLR, you will probably end up spending some of your hard-earned cash on PLR that you wouldn’t publish on your site. But you can take some of that poor PLR and spend a little time to turn it into gems. Fixing poor quality PLR is easier and faster than writing something from scratch. And then, keep looking for the good stuff.

And there are ways to figure out which PLR websites have great PLR without spending too much money. Take a look at the site and make some judgments.

  • Is the site attractive? Although there isn’t a direct correlation between a beautiful site and high-quality content, a good-looking site will be the first indication that the site owner cares about quality.
  • Is the site easy to navigate? Ditto. This is another indication that the owner makes the effort to ensure his or her work is high quality.
  • Is the content on the site well written? If the site owner took care to make sure that the content is free of grammatical errors, typos, etc, then you have another sign that the PLR will be equally good.

How Else Can I Find Exceptional PLR?

You might be wondering whether website design is really a good indicator since a lot of website owners outsource their website design.

That’s a realistic question. The look and content of a website might have been done by a professional, so that doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the PLR on that site.

True. Looking at the website is just a first step. It’s just a way to weed out some of the places that are unlikely to have high-quality PLR. In addition, the fact that the site owner cared enough to hire someone who did a good job is still a first indicator that he or she cares about quality and so is more likely to produce exceptional PLR.

Here are some additional ways to find some gems.

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  • As you look around, you’ll find the same names coming up over and over. Those names are probably PLR providers who have a good reputation – a good reputation that built up over time.
  • Once you’ve weeded out the obviously low-quality PLR providers, choose one and buy a small package or a single article in order to check the quality. If it’s good, you can buy larger packages with confidence.

What Else Can I Do with PLR?

In addition to using quality PLR for your landing page, you can do much more with PLR. Here are a few suggestions.

Do you have a blog on your website? 

You can publish posts on a blog that educate other website owners about the benefits of PLR. In fact, high-quality blog posts about PLR can attract lots of potential customers to visit your site before they’re ready to purchase. If you educate bloggers about how much they can accomplish by using PLR, your site just might come to be the #1 go-to place for information on PLR.

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Give away free worksheets or checklists.

Many people find it very difficult to get and stay organized. As a result, they love to use worksheets and checklists that will provide an organized structure for their activities. Break apart a PLR article on your topic and re-work it into a worksheet or checklist for your visitors – they’ll love you for it.

Make yourself known on social media

Unless you’ve been living on a desert island, you know that social media is a critical component for a website owner’s arsenal. And of course, you need content for that, but writing content takes a lot of valuable time that you want to use for other aspects of your business. PLR to the rescue. Choose valuable snippets of timely, useful information from PLR articles and publish them on the social media of your choice.

Be sure to include an image with the post. Pictures attract the reader’s attention. And in addition, be sure to include a link to your website in the post or tweet.

Use PowerPoint (PC) or Keynote (Mac) to turn PLR into a video.

Some people prefer to get information in a visual format. With PowerPoint or Keynote, you can publish valuable presentations on your website.

First, put key points from a PLR article onto slides. Then record the PLR article itself as a script. Speak naturally. Include natural pauses and ‘ums’ so you don’t give away that you’re reading. If you’re not ready to record your own voice, check out Fiverr to find someone who will do it for a very reasonable cost.

Prepare for an interview

Interviews of people using your products inspire trust in potential clients. But how do you come up with good questions to ensure the interview will be interesting? Read some pertinent PLR articles and jot down the questions the articles answer. Use those questions for the written or recorded interview.

Send out a newsletter weekly or monthly

Use PLR to engage with customers via a newsletter. Don’t feel obligated to write a lengthy newsletter. Short and to the point will probably be appreciated more. Just make sure that you do some re-writing of the PLR to personalize it with your own voice and style.

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Write an ebook

Does that sound scary? It won’t be scary when you use PLR to make your own ebook. And it can be a great gift to entice people to sign up to your email list.

Don’t forget. PLR content is yours once you’ve bought it. You can edit it or turn it into a variety of formats. PLR is an important tool to improve your productivity. Remember – time is money.

Let someone else spend time writing so you don’t have to.

Start using high quality PLR to improve your website and grow your business.

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